It's a proven process by eliminating your sales people from having to prospect and generate their own clients, production will go through the roof. By enabling them the ability to speak with more qualified potential clients per day, their law of averages will increase therefore conversions will go up and so will your revenue. 

You can either direct your existing marketing campaigns to our highly trained staff of phone representatives, or we can work with you on developing new marketing campaigns that works well with your business model. 

Our phone representatives will screen each potential client with as many questions that you feel is necessary to determine if they are a viable candidate for your service. Each prospect is recorded into your CRM, and will be live transferred over to your team of enrollment agents, loan officers, or sales people to solely focus on your clients needs. INQUIRE NOW FOR A FREE TEST CAMPAIGN!


Marketing a service to a client over the phone that is either hundreds or even thousands of miles away is completely different then marketing a product that can be touched, smelled, and looked at. Marketing an intangible requires innovative and creative concepts to drive in new clients on a daily basis. There is a science behind generating a client that is constantly changing and is never consistent. What may work well for you one week, may not work at all for you the next week. 

We can show you how to create a diversified marketing strategy that will enable your company to always be one step ahead, and to never rely on one source for new client acquisition. 


Sales is only one part of marketing, marketing is the overall strategy and function of promoting a product or service to a customer. Through marketing your explaining the value of your service to your customer base. 

Marketing and lead generation is one of the single largest expenses for your organization, a major portion of your revenue must be invested back into it. The quickest way to fail and spend your way out of business is by not properly training your sales people on the value of a lead, how to handle a prospective client, and proper follow up. 

By giving your sales people the impression that if one prospective client doesn't work out, that its ok, more will keep flowing, your setting yourself up for failure. When you break down the math behind what each lead really costs, your in the range of hundreds of dollars sometimes even over a thousand dollars. To them it's just a piece of paper, or data on their computer screen, to you it's hard earned money being invested.

Once your sales people truly understand the power behind the proper handling of a call along with the art of following up, you will see conversions go up, and your COST PER ACQUISITION (CPA) go down. Our goal here at Solomon and Associates is to help your business acquire the lowest possible CPA and maintain it. 

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